CFX 200 LC
Peening Cell

CFX 200 LC Flexible Peening Cell for Gears


18 weeks +




Cleaning, Shot Peening

Key Benefits

High production rates

Fulfils accurate compressive stress profile demands

Excellent reliability

Low operating costs


  • Maximum component size: 200mm diameter x 100 mm (height)
  • Complete control of peening/blasting parameters
  • Programme selection depending on part size and process recipe
  • Simple NC nozzle manipulator with vertical stroke
  • Rotating component holders with hard steel gripper device
  • Two peening stations with 2 or 4 nozzles per station
  • Two blow off stations indust-proof chambers
  • Simple construction designed for quick maintenance and easy access
  • High performance, separate dust collector unit


High production machine for quality shot peening of gear teeth and ring gears.

The CFX 200 LC peening cell is an efficient gear peening machine. It was designed in order to meet with automotive manufacturers’ cost saving requirements.

A Unique Gear Peening Machine

Dedicated to high production rates and accurate compressive stress profile demands, this machine offers an excellent level of reliability as well as low operating costs. The CFX 200 LC machine is unique in that initial set-up is not needed for a wide range of components due to the automatic patented tooling, parts program and nozzle manipulator.

Optional Features

  • Gripper device in carbide material
  • Nozzle manipulator with horizontal stroke either with pneumatic drive or NC drive
  • CFX 200 LC Plus - version equipped with 2 NC (x,z axis) nozzle manipulators allowing treatment of various types of gears and ring gears
  • Magnavalve media flow control