What is Vibratory Finishing (Mass Finishing)?

Vibratory Finishing, also known as mass finishing, is a mechanical/chemical process for the deburring, radiusing, smoothing, polishing and degreasing of individual, mass produced parts.

Mass Finishing is the process of parts being submerged in media and compound (specially treated water) within a vibratory finishing machine. The machine vibrates causing the contents to move in a circular motion and the media to grind against the part to get the desired finish.

The Vibratory Finishing process is used for both very small and very large work-pieces with either simple or very complex geometries.


Mass Finishing processes can be designed as:

  • Continuous systems - in which the parts enter at one end and are continually discharged at the exit in the finished state
  • Batch systems - in which sets of parts are added, processed, and removed before the next batch is run
  • Sequenced process - which involves running the parts through multiple mass finishing processes to produce a finer finish
  • Single part systems - in which large parts are processed individually


Vibratory Finishing is used for:

  • Deburring: removing the particles and shavings (known as burrs) that appear when metal is machined or worked
  • Polishing: producing a smooth, bright, reflective surface finish
  • Smoothing: improving the surface finish and blending of any defects or sharp edges
  • Super finishing: production of a high quality smooth surface
  • Cleaning: removal of contaminants, debris, grease or dirt from components
  • Pre-plate finishing: producing a flat, smooth surface finish prior to subsequent plating or coating;
  • Ball burnishing: high-intensity processing, normally within stainless steel balls, to produce a bright lustre finish
  • Barrelling or Tumbling: the original process for deburring or polishing components using a rotary drum rather than a vibratory vessel 


Benefits Of Vibratory Finishing

  • Less wear on your component making them more durable and increasing power output
  • Cost effective and non-labour intensive
  • A smoother surface makes your component run cooler, faster and longer
  • Produces an accurate, controllable and uniform standard of finish - super finishing to 0.03 ra

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