EURAC boosts blast capacity with third Wheelabrator machine


EURAC's Hradec Kràlové foundry in the Czech Republic, a major producer of automotive brake discs, has significantly boosted output following the deployment of its third Wheelabrator batch-type barrel blast cleaning machine.

EURAC’s lines in Hradec produce brake discs for commercial vehicles and passenger cars using DISA and Wheelabrator equipment. The new Wheelabrator machine is part of an expansion project, aiming to increase capacity at the foundry by up to 50%. The new, increased annual output is 65,000t.

To remove a bottleneck in its blast operations and boost throughput, EURAC Hradec ordered its third DTC-2-338 machine for the desanding of solid and ventilated automotive brake discs (weighing between 5 and 25kg). The first two DTCs were installed in 2006 and 2007.
Batch-type barrel machines from Wheelabrator are especially suited to the desanding or descaling of tumbleproof castings and forgings. The polygon-shaped trough rocks back and forth 120° about the longitudinal axis ensuring gentle, thorough tumbling and full exposure of the parts to the blast stream. The machine unloads parts by gently turning itself upside down to empty the cleaned parts onto a conveyor running underneath the trough. The relatively low drop height ensures parts remain blemish-free after blasting. The new DTC-2-338 machine at Hradec comes with three powerful blast wheels with 22kW each, for efficient and even blast treatment.

Wheelabrator’s team at Pribram, also in the Czech Republic, installed the machine and will provide the foundry with ongoing support and spare parts from central stock held at Wheelabrator’s Pribram warehouse.

Juraj Trojan, Sales Director CSEE region for DISA & Wheelabrator, said: “The team at EURAC’s Hradec foundry was impressed with the performance and reliability of their existing Wheelabrator equipment, so when they needed to boost capacity, they specified the very same machine again. The DTC is a highly efficient yet gentle solution for high-volume production environments. Two DTCs have been in operation in Hradec for over 10 years now and have clearly proved their worth. We are delighted that EURAC Hradec chose us again for this latest expansion project.”