New Wheelabrator EZX Blast Wheel: Expanded Blade Life, Increased Uptime


Wheelabrator is launching its next-generation blast wheel for heavy-duty applications. Evolved from the popular EZEFIT wheel launched in 2003, the new EZX model incorporates latest advances in blast wheel technology - to help foundries ramp up production while saving time and costs.

Built to solve complex production challenges, EZX can be used for a variety of applications including tumblast equipment, table machines, hanger-type machines, horizontal belt machines, plate machines, wire mesh belt machines. 

EZX features two major improvements on the EZEFIT design:

  • blade life – where EZEFIT blades have provided exceptional performance over previous generations, EZX has given results showing a 30% increase in operational lifespan over and above EZEFIT in the same application. By working with Wheelabrator to implement a focused maintenance program, blade life can be increased further, unlocking considerable savings.
  • impeller performance – following intensive R&D efforts and systematic testing of impeller designs, Wheelabrator has been able to optimize the geometry of the impeller to minimize shot loss and smooth the journey of the abrasive inside the wheel. The new impeller is designed to reduce abrasive consumption without compromising performance--helping customers save time and money.  

Further benefits of the new blasting solution include dynamic balancing of the bare wheel using internal weights, optimization of the control cage inner diameter and back face, which is machined for proper seating and centering of parts, and precision machining of the hub seal to assure proper alignment and keep abrasive from exiting between the housing and motor interface. 

Speaking about the new wheel, Shawn Horton, Director of Product Development at Wheelabrator said: “For decades, foundries have trusted Wheelabrator to help them strengthen and finish products with shot blast machinery that excels.

“With EZX, we have used the latest R&D findings and knowledge drawn from the largest installed base in the industry to design the next generation of blast wheel technology for demanding heavy-duty applications.

“Uptime and ease of maintenance remain major concerns for these customers, and that’s reflected in EZX. It’s the same great wheel everyone fell in love with – but it’s much better. It’s cheaper to run, requires less shot, fewer engineer interactions and will very simply free up time, capacity and cash that companies can use to invest in development or improve bottom line.”

The new blast wheel will be available in EZEFIT sizes to enable direct replacement, at the same price point.

EZX is available starting January 18.