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Peening Cell

MP 2TR7 Peening Cell


18 weeks +




Shot Peening

Key Benefits

Virtual elimination of down time due to the advanced component handling system

A high level of flexibility with several standard arrangements available

Adapt the machine to your own requirements

Flexible system to handle a wide range of complex components with high productivity


  • Component maximum size: 700 mm diameter x 4700 mm height; maximum weight: 100 kg
  • One rotating and indexing table on both sides of the revolving door allowing loading while peening. Sealing of the door achieved by inflatable seal
  • One multi-axis robot with handle peening nozzles for external treatment
  • Precision pressure pots with closed loop regulation for pressure and shot flow monitoring of air flow
  • Pitless pneumatic recovery
  • Dedicated classification device able to handle different media sizes with sieving units and shape classifier


The MP 2TR7 peening machine has been designed for peening and blasting complex rotary components associated with the aerospace industry.

Compact Two-table
Robotic Peening System

The MP 2TR7 peening machine has been designed for peening and blasting complex rotary components associated with the aerospace industry.

Its main feature is the virtual elimination of down time due to the advanced component handling system.

In addition, the machine offers a high level of flexibility with several standard arrangements available, enabling customers to adapt the machine to suit their own requirements.

Optional Features

  • Anti-explosion dust collector
  • Incorporated shot flow calibration unit
  • Sound enclosure all around the machine to insure a noise level below 78 dB