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SPH Spinner-Hanger Machine
for Aluminium Parts


Compact Batch Type Spinner-Hanger Machine for Aluminium Components

SPH-2-3/8, the compact version of its trusted batch-type spinner-hanger wheel blast concept, is optimised for aluminium applications. Typical tasks include descaling, deburring/deflashing and cleaning. Like other members of the SPH family, this machine features two blast chambers that form two halves of a cylinder that rotates around the vertical axis. This enables simultaneous loading/unloading and blasting, which in turn results in a more efficient use both of space and of the two blast wheels.

Increase Your Profit

Key Benefits

  • High flexibility and reliability, proven in hundreds of applications
  • Fast operation, short auxiliary times
  • Minimum maintenance cost and minimal breakdown risk
  • Minimal stray abrasive, minimal loss of shot
  • Special design of chamber, maximal possible use of rebound shot
  • Easy to automate loading/unloading by robot/manipulator

Aluminium applications are on the rise and the launch of this new machine reflects that. Its compact design will suit tightly structured aluminium production environments, including cell layouts. It can accommodate a variety of workpieces while still achieving superior process efficiency and seamless integration into the flow of production. In addition to this, the team has made a number of tweaks to further improve machine reliability and uptime.

Stanislav Venclik, Vice President Portfolio Development at Wheelabrator in Zurich


  • Compact design
  • High process reliability
  • Highly efficient Titan 14.3 blast wheels
  • Replaceable manganese drum lining
  • Pit less design
  • Optimized blast pattern
  • Integrated expansion chamber

Typical Applications

  • Descaling
  • Deburring and deflashing
  • Cleaning
  • Corrosion removal

Parts: AI parts / forgings, small weldments and other

SPH Spinner-Hanger Machine Animation

Watch the 3D animation here

Technical Specifications SPH-2-3/8

Number of blast wheels 2
Power per blast wheel (kW) 5.5 (4)
Max. abrasive flow per blast wheel (kg/min) 149 (109)
Max. envelope circle diameter (mm) 300
Max. hanger height (mm) 800
Max. load capacity (kg) 150
Machine height (mm) 3585
Machine depth (mm) 1425
Installed motor power (kw) 12.2*

 * without dust collector

SPH Spinner-Hanger Machine Range

Efficiency and Precision

Equipped with a robot, the machine can be integrated in continuous production lines and thus serves to link individual manufacturing cells. Performance data (number of charges, blast hours, failure location etc.) can be monitored and displayed. 


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