IDS Internal Cleaning Airblast Machine

IDS Internal Cleaning Airblast Machine


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Principali vantaggi

Precise and thorough cleaning of internal surfaces, bores and apertures

High cleaning capacity and very high process safety

Short blasting times

Entirely automatic and flexible production flow


  • A variety of configurations is available for this machine
  • Bores and apertures to a minimum diameter of 11mm can be blasted 
  • Straight and angled blast nozzles are available as standard 
  • Customised blast nozzles can be developed for special applications


Internal blasting of bores and water jacket apertures of cylinder heads, crankcases, engine blocks and similar complex castings

Special machine for the airblast cleaning of channels and bores on engine blocks and cylinder heads

New Machine Dimension

Combustion engines are getting lighter and lighter, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The result are ever more complex engine block and cylinder head designs with intricate internal surfaces. Wheelabrator has developed IDS: a sophisticated, modular machine that blasts inside the most intricate workpieces.

Precise Internal Blast Cleaning

High Process Safety

The machine features a modular robot design that allows it to be tightly integrated and automated. The machine's blast nozzles reach hard-to-reach internal surfaces of channels and other cavities - down to a minimum diameter of 11mm.

Perfect Cleaning Quality

The IDS machines using modern compressed air blasting technology to provide our customers with an ideal system designed for their demanding castings, to achieve perfect cleaning quality. In order to custom-design a solution for our customers application, Wheelabrator can create a flow simulation to design the process, we can then validate the design at the Wheelabrator test centre in Zurich, using production-related blasting tests.

The Process

With the IDS inside airblast machine, workpieces are blasted in a cycle process. The workpieces (e.g. cylinder heads and engine blocks) are transported to the machine with roller conveyors. Before blasting, they are centered on the roller conveyor. 

The machine works in tandem with a robot which is picking parts off a roller conveyor and transporting them into the control station (fakir test). There the parts are checked whether the channels to be blasted are open. If one of the openings is not free, the robot waits for an operator check. The operator is to select whether the parts are to be checked again via the robot's operating device or to be ejected. If the test is faultless, the parts are placed in the blast chamber.

Inside the blast chamber, the robot arm moves the workpiece towards the rows of airblast nozzles that then blast the internal surfaces of bores and channels – either from the outside or by dipping into the workpiece. The robot gripper is sealed with a diaphragm seal.

After the blast process, the robot arm gently sways the part to let abrasive run off and then puts it to an emptying station before placing it back onto a roller conveyor. The parts are transported via roller conveyor to the inspection area and afterwards to machining. 

The modular cell design allows the easy extension of the machine with a row of robot arms working to a blast chamber each. This ensures production increases can be accommodated, while the lance-mounted exchangeable blast nozzles can be adapted and upgraded to keep pace with changing process needs. Additionally, the compact design allows the installation on a minimum space requirement.

As any equipment designed for automotive, the IDS is optimised for maximum uptime, with manganese liners inside the blast chamber reducing wear and clever abrasive logistics ensuring a constantly perfect abrasive mix.


A sophisticated modular machine

Animation IDS Internal Cleaning Airblast Machine

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