What Wheelabrator does

Wheelabrator is a world leading shot blasting equipment manufacturer offering a complete range of machines, parts and services.



  1. 经由抛丸器的离心力抛出丸料(抛丸)
  2. 通过气动推进喷出丸料(喷砂)
  3. 浸没在磨料(振动光饰)









为满足设备的本地支持的需求,维尔贝莱特于2006年成立了业界第一个独立的提供本地服务和零部件的团队Wheelabrator Plus。战略化的运行于各个技术中心,Wheelabrator Plus的全球网络可覆盖近100个国家,包括工程师、技术人员与服务。这样的业务模式使得Wheelabrator Plus可以为客户的初始设备投资提供实时支持,同时在为客户不断变化的需求提供支持中积累宝贵经验。




1908 公司成立之年

30000+ 已安装的表面处理设备数量

Ongoing around-the-clock expert support

Designing and installing the equipment is only half of the challenge. Supporting our customers’ machines in the field is the other half.

Currently operating from strategically located service centres, we provide a global network of technicians and service engineers in almost 100 countries. 
This approach enables us to provide around-the-clock support for your original equipment investment as well as valuable expertise in support of your changing requirements over time.


Sustainability in shot-blasting

The efficient, respectful use of resources is a key driving force behind our R&D efforts, our own production and the support services we offer to our customers. 

Sustainability starts with equipment that lasts, that can be modified and adapted, and goes all the way to digital technology that keeps your process at the optimum, using the right amount of energy, abrasive and time to get the exact results you need. 

Our dust collection and abrasive recycling systems minimise waste and emissions, for a cleaner working environment and more efficient use of resources. Our descaling machines replace less ‘green’ chemical processes. Our clever equipment upgrades improve energy efficiency, safety, process precision.

At Wheelabrator, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.


A century of innovation

Since introducing the original wheelblast technology in 1932, we have committed ourselves to differentiating our offer through thought-leadership in design and manufacturing.

Innovation and invention enable us to be the best, bring new solutions and new technology in order to drive down costs while increasing blast performance, efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Wheelabrator continues to pioneer new techniques and technologies in line with customers’ changing needs.


Shot blasting equipment

Wheelabrator surface preparation technology: a complete range of airblast and wheelblast solutions.

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