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Wheelabrator offers the widest range of surface preparation and engineering solutions. The sheer size of components and steel plates found in the shipping industry demands quite specific engineering capability. Wheelabrator‘s expertise has been tried and tested over many years, and many manufacturers have come to depend on the know-how, reliability and high quality service provided by Wheelabrator Group.

Ship Building:

Steel plate - Pre-heating, blasting, coating, drying

The size of metal sections used in the ship building industry presents great challenges for surface preparation and treatment suppliers. Huge quantities of sheet steel, profiles and fabrications have to be cleaned, treated and painted before final assembly. Corrosion protection is of paramount importance.

The Preservation Line

The first part of the treatment process occurs on a preservation line, which incorporates the different stages of blasting and priming.

On the preservation line, sheets and profiles are thoroughly blast cleaned and provided with a temporary corrosion protection coating. Along with the external transport unit, a preservation line consists of a pre-heating oven, a pass-through blasting machine (roller conveyor type), a painting unit and a drying tunnel with its associated slat conveyor.

Typical plate widths can vary from 800mm to 5m with process line speeds between 1.0m/min to 6.0m/min. Wheelabrator is the only company that offers roller conveyors and preservation lines that can blast 5m wide steel plate at high quality - and we're working on larger sizes.

Treatment Of Fabrications

After the steel sheets have been cleaned, primed, controlled and given a unique ID number, they are conveyed to a fabrication area where huge ship sections are built.

At this stage the welded seams of the fabricated sections must be cleaned (blasted) and given a protective coating in airblast rooms in order to obtain a corrosion protection certificate.

A weight of 100 tonnes or more for such a ship component is commonplace.

Painting And Drying

In the following stage, the final stage of the corrosion prevention process, the fabrications must be painted, this is carried out in huge paint rooms.

Maintenance And Repair

Mobile Blasting Units

When ships are maintained and repaired in dry docks, sections and newly welded seams must be cleaned and given corrosion protection.

Wheelabrator offers a range of Closed Circuit (Open Blast) equipment for this purpose.

Equipment for Shipyard Applications


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Preservation Lines

Modernization of existing installations for contaminant removal, surface profiling and the application of a prime coat of paint to the blasted surfaces prior to storage or subsequent manufacturing operations.

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12 bis 18 Wochen



Standard Blastrooms

The totally flexible blast solution in a huge range of sizes for all industries and all kind of workpieces.

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Kombinierte Strahl- und Rücksauganlagen

Kombinierte Strahl- und Rücksauganlagen von Wheelabrator.

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Coating and Painting

Wheelabrator's coating solutions. Find out more here and watch the animation.

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