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MPR 1500
Robotic System

MPR 1500 Robotic Peening System


18 weeks +




Shot Peening

Key Benefits

Capable of shot peening a wide range of complex aeronautic and gas turbine components

Completely versatile and meets the highest industry specifications

Guaranteed process repeatability

The most efficient process control and supervision software provides quality reports and process performance data.


  • Maximum component size 1500 mm Ø x 1000mm high
  • Maximum component weight: 250 kg
  • Stabilised base frame supporting an accurate precision turntable and robot to guarantee constant precision
  • Double wall cabinet with pitless pneumatic recovery system
  • Large access door allowing easy loading
  • Precision peening generators with air pressure, shot flow regulation and air flow control (optional)


Aeronautic and gas turbine applications:

shot peening of turbine discs, shafts, and fan blades.

One-Robot Satellite Table Machine with Complete Process Reliability

The Wheelabrator MPR 1500 machine is specifically designed for the aeronautic and gas turbine industries.

Meeting the highest industry specifications, the MPR 1500 machine is suitable for a wide range of complex applications such as turbine disks, shafts, and blades. 

The standard version includes the most efficient process control and supervision software, providing quality reports and process performance data.

watch MPR 1500 video here

Optional Features

  • Vertical sliding door
  • Turntable equipped with 6, 8, 12 or 20 numerical satellites
  • Numerical table mounted on a revolving arm for easy loading and unloading
  • Integrated shot flow calibration unit(s) or abrasive flow calibration unit CF36 type
  • Rotary lance unit for bore and slot peening
  • Sound insulation to 75 dBA
  • Quick media change system to handle different shot sizes and hardness in the same system
  • Off line programming
  • Integrated camera for process survey