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Mesh Belt Rotary Table

Mesh Belt Rotary Table


12 to 18 weeks




Cleaning, Rust and Heat Scale Removal


Light/ Medium



Key Benefits

Basic, compact design

Ergonomic loading height

Easy installation

Easy commissioning


  • Compact, fully equipped shot blast machine
  • Easy installation and commissioning in the shortest possible time
  • 4 powerful TITAN wheels
  • Very mobile and easy to move
  • Ergonomic loading height
  • Manual and automatic loading and unloading possible
  • Automatic PLC control
  • Independent installation without foundation pit


  • Removal of mill and forge scale
  • Removal of rust

Ideal for Efficient Blasting of Small Parts

The compact table shot blast machine is ideal for a continuous, efficient blasting of smaller parts on a very small footprint, with straightforward logistics and pitless set-up. 
The machine uses a rotating, ring-shaped mesh belt in a table machine set-up, to allow loading and unloading from the same position, by a single operator.
This is made of durable spring steel wire that is exposed to the hot spots of four direct-drive blast wheels from both above and below. This ensures blast coverage from all sides in a single cycle, at variable pass-through speeds of up to 4.5 m/min.

Typical Applications

  • Zinc and aluminium castings
  • Various flame cutting parts
  • Technical compontents

TITAN blast wheel

The blast wheel is the heart of a blasting machine, as the choice of blast wheel determines the power output and the economics. This machine is fitted with TITAN as standard, which offers excellent blasting performance and unbeatable service life for the main blast components, which are made from hardened tool steel.

The TITAN offers even more wall strength through its wear lining, which creates an airtight and completely insulated housing as well as easing maintenance and repairs. There is a full range of variations and sizes available to ensure the chosen wheel is specific to the job in hand.

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Technical Specifications



Max. single workpiece weight (kg) 20
Max. total load weight (kg) 500
Max. rotation diameter (mm) 600
Max. workpiece size (W/L/H in mm) 400 x 400 x 300
Blast wheels 4 x TITAN 14.3
Power per wheel (kW) 7.5
Displacement speed (m/s) approx. 60
Connection power (kW) 42
Loading height (mm) 850
Overall height (mm) 5150
Installation area (m) 3.2 x 2.8 (without foundation)

Original OEM parts

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