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MP 1000 System

MP 1000 Peening System for Aero Engine Components




Cleaning, Shot Peening

Key Benefits

State-of-the-art aero-engine peening and blasting

Excellent precision and process control

Excellent reliability

Pitless pneumatic recovery


  • Shot peening or surface preparation for aircraft wheels, jet engine discs and blades
  • Maximum component size: 1000 mm diameter x 1000 mm, height, weight: 250 kg 
  • Precision pressure generator with closed loop regulation and control for pressure and media flow 
  • Pitless pneumatic recovery
  • Numerical table mounted on a revolving arm for easy loading and unloading 
  • 4-axis robot
  • CNC control system 


The MP 1000 machine is the ultimate solution for aero-engine peening and blasting processes.


Peening and Blasting System for Aero Engine Components

MP 1000 is Wheelabrator's solution for aero-engine peening and blasting processed.  

Developed in co-operation with aeronautic OEMs, it fulfils the most demanding specifications in terms of precision and process control.


Representing the State-of-the-art in Aerospace

Representing the state-of-the-art in aerospace shot peening, the MP 1000 range can process the widest variety of aero-engine components to improve or restore their resistance to fatigue.
These include turbine discs, fan discs, compressor rotor discs, spools and blades made from steel, Inconel, aluminium or titanium alloys.


Optional Features

  • Vertical sliding door 
  • Second nozzle manipulator (3/4 axis) 
  • Numerical table equipped with 4, 6 or 8 numerical satellites 
  • Sound insulation / 75 dBA 
  • Rotary lance unit for bore and slot peening 
  • Abrasive flow calibration unit CF 36 type 
  • Integrated 250 kg electrical hoist for component loading