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Paint Removal

Prepared for Repair

Fuselage, Landing Gear and Wheel Paint Stripping

Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) units have turned to more environmentally responsible processes for removing paint from aircraft surfaces, opting for chemical-free paint stripping by blasting techniques.

The process mostly serves for the preparation of surfaces for crack detection or prior to bonding.

Aircraft Rim Paint Removal

A nozzle manipulator with 3 movement axes leads one blast nozzle over the inside and outside contour of the rotating workpiece. The movement pattern is part of the blasting programmme.

Fuselage Paint Stripping

Paint is removed in blastrooms and the nozzles can be manually or automatically operated. In the development of these solutions, advanced software is used to simulate the process, evaluate the air pressure, evaluate the plastic media flow and optimise the nozzle design.

Paint Removal and Repair In-Situ

For maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) in-situ, a closed circuit blast machine can be used for paint removal and other blast cleaning applications.
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Cosmetic Finishing

Vacu-Blast Ventus Airblast Cabinet

A favorite in the Aerospace and medical industries, where keeping abrasive quality is very important, the Ventus range is versatile enough to allow all types of personalization. Available as pressure fed or suction fed cabinets.

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Closed Circuit Machines

Wheelabrator offers a range of pressure fed Closed Circuit Blasting Machines which are designed to be powerful, easy to use, compact and manoeuvrable.

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