Engine Part Shot Peening


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Wheelabrator has great experience and understanding of the precision and repeatability required by the major aerospace companies, and its technologies provide a critical step in the manufacturing processes of the OEMs and their second and third tier suppliers.

Engine Component Shot Peening

Aircraft engine components operating in high stress environments such as fan and compressor disks, blades, rotors and shafts are shot peened to increase their resistance to fatigue failure. The compressive residual stress introduced by peening will reduce and often negate any residual tensile stress occurring during the manufacturing process.


Wheelabrator automated airblast shot peening systems have been designed specifically for the aerospace industry’s exacting specifications. Using precision, multiple-axis nozzle manipulation in conjunction with part movement, the systems allow for flexibility and repeatability for the preparation of a wide variety of engine components.
All systems comply with international specifications and audits, such as AMS, Nadcap, MIL and various OEM specific requirements.

The machine types specified below and left are just examples of solutions that we could propose. However the majority of machines delivered to the aerospace sector are custom-designed to suit the precise application of the individual customer. Please use the information as a guide and proof of our capability/experience, but please contact us to find the best solution for you.

Wheelabrator specialises in custom-designed shot peening and surface preparation solutions to provide a solution to your challenges. With global innovation (five technology centres across the world) and global machine support, we can support your shot peening and surface preparation needs.

indexing table machine

Engine fan blade, blade, vane peening

Satellite (index) table peening machines can be used to shot peen components in one chamber, at the same time as loading and unloading further parts in other chambers. A multi axis robot is employed for external shot peening, and a lance is used for internal area (bore) peening. Automated systems will give you the benefits of efficient handling of multiple components.
For more information contact us and/or download the MPR2TR7 datasheet, featured left.

Indexing table

IGV blade peening

Table machines provide a flexible solution to shot peen a wide range of IGV blades using manual loading, nozzles and lances are employed for internal and external component shot peening. Masking and component holders can be supplied to fit the parts to be treated.
For more information contact us and/or download the MP1500 TI datasheet.

Aerospace blade peening

Engine blades, airfoils and root sections

Engine blades, airfoils and root sections can also be treated with a high level of productivity on the MP12S20 table machine.
Contact us for more information.

MP1500 LS

Turbine disks (fan and compressor disks), shafts and cylindrical sections

Disks and shafts can be treated either vertically on an adapted table machine, or horizontally on rollers, simultaneously shot peening internal and external dimensions with high precision and repeatability.


Engine disk

An adapted table type airblast machine achieves high precision shot peening utilising three (3) synchronised groups of axes. The programming of the polyarticulated robot trajectories is achieved off-line using 3D and robot CAD drawings.

See the MP1200 and MP 1500 datasheets for details.


Case Study

Wheelabrator Group launches compact shot peening machine for blade parts Wheelabrator Group launches compact shot peening machine for blade parts Innovation for Aerospace
Wheelabrator Group has developed a shot peening machine for blades and blade roots to meet the increased requirements of engine parts manufacturers from the aerospace industry.

Based on the rotation principle and adapted to the special requirements of the aerospace industry, this machine allows for the workpieces to be loaded outside of the chamber, whilst the blasting process continues inside of the blast chamber.Read more
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